During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lazy will continue to provide home cleaning booking services. However, precautionary measures will be taken. Cleaners are always required wear masks and maintain good personal hygiene.
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AC Cleaning Fee

Each service is a minimum of HKD1,500. Discounts are now running when you service 2 or more ACs

Split Type Air-Conditioner

1 month warranty

img-desc.ac type 1
$700 /unit

Window Type Air-Conditioner

1 month warranty

img-desc.ac type 2
$500 /unit

Cabinet Type Air-Conditioner

1 month warranty

img-desc.ac type 3
$600 /unit
Service includes:
img-desc.ac including
  • Cleaning of the AC dust screen and fan blades

  • Cleaning of the AC steering parts, cover and casing

  • Cleaning of AC fuselage, wires and switches

  • Cleaning of the heat sinks and caging fan

  • Cleaning of the AC body, ventilators and draining the water condenser pipes

  • Assembling of the cleaned parts

  • Disinfection with high temperature and pressured commercial steaming

  • Disinfection of fungi in airshafts

  • Testing and optimizing of the air conditioner

Service Benefits
Why use Lazy?
img-desc.ac benefits
  • Every AC service attendant is professional and experienced.
  • We use cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and biologically harmless, all with safety certifications and regulations.
  • We use high-efficiency commercial steamers to thoroughly disinfect and kill fungi.

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  • img-desc.ac faq 1Service Scope

    What’s included in our ac cleaning service ?

    The types of air conditioner our service covers includes split type air conditioners, window type air conditioners and cabinet type air conditioners. The service scope includes the removal of dust screens, fan blades, steering blades, face covers and cabinets and thorough cleaning; Clean the heat sink and pig cage fan; clean the fuselage and drain the water pipe; thoroughly disinfect with a high-efficiency commercial steam machine at high temperature to kill the fungus in the machine; wipe the fuselage, wires and switches, and test that the air conditioner works normally. Our standardised service checkpoint will be no grease, mildew and dust in the air conditioner

  • img-desc.ac faq 2Experienced AC Cleaning professional

    Who are the professional? Any qualifications? Are they legal workers?

    Lazy maintains a vast network of AC Cleaning service providers. The air conditioning cleaning professionals and technicians on our platform are verified and reviewed on a professional level. Our technicians are trained and well-educated with air conditioning cleaning knowledge, experienced in cleaning, mold removal, disinfection, maintenance with professional equipment and supplies (such as tools and detergents).

    Our professionals are assigned circumstantially. What you do want to know is that we always pick the best-suited individual for your assignment; Trust is important, and so is consistency. We encourage you to build fitting relationships with our professionals.

  • img-desc.ac faq 3Make arrangement

    Is the service time confirmed after I chose it online?

    Kindly note we will try our best to arrange service Pro for you according to the timeslot you chose online, however we might contact you to change the timeslot during peak season, we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused

  • img-desc.ac faq 4Secure Payment

    Is my credit card payment secured? How do I make a credit card payment for a home cleaning services?

    Payment is processed and protected by Third-Party payment companies (Braintree/PayPal), all the information of user is strictly confidential.

    The service fee will be charged in prior to the service and Lazy shall pay our helper after the cooking session.

    If the user cancel the service within 24 hours before the start of the session, the user will be charged for the full session of the service.

  • img-desc.ac faq 5Abnormal conditions

    What is the solution for discovering abnormal conditions of air conditioners after on-site visits?

    Our technicians will check and test the functions of air conditioners before the cleaning procedure. If your units are identified as damaged or not suitable for cleaning, technicians will ask for your preference to see if you still want the cleaning service and inform you of the possible results that might arise. If the customer finally decides to cancel the service, we will charge an inspection fee of $150. If the technician arrives at the site and finds that the air conditioner needs repair work instead of air conditioner cleaning, we can keep the service fee for the next replacement service

  • img-desc.ac faq 6Warranties

    Are there any extra charges for the warranty services?

    All Lazy Air Conditioner Repair services are eligible for 1-month warranty (for problems caused by the cleaning service). Please note that if the technicians found that the problems or errors are not caused by our cleaning air service, nor include in the warranty service, we will charge an inspection fee of $150. Please contact us when in need.

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