During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lazy will continue to provide home cleaning booking services. However, precautionary measures will be taken. Cleaners are always required wear masks and maintain good personal hygiene.
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What’s the difference between one-time home cooking session and regular home cooking subscription?

One-time Home Cooking Plan

minimum 3 hours

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$120 /Hr
  • Dedicated customer service

  • Flexible booking management option

  • Unlimited option to swap cleaner

  • Same Home Chef

Regular Home Cooking Plan

minimum 3 hours

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$115 /Hr
  • Dedicated customer service

  • Flexible booking management option

  • Unlimited option to swap cleaner

  • Economical

  • Same Home Chef

minimum 3-6 months commitment
Cooking Services
What’s included in a home cooking service?
  • Food preparation
  • Snacks
  • Party food
  • Making lunch/
  • Baking
  • Dishwashing
  • Soup preparation
  • Lunch box
  • Kitchen Cleaning

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  • img-desc.cooking faq 1Our Network

    How long does it take to find a personal home chef to do cooking service ?

    Our network of personal home chef cover Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Our users can request services an hour before the date and time of the appointed service. Appointments made through our platform, takes on average one working day to match the proposed cooking appointment with a suitable home chef.

    We may on occasion experience a surge appointment requests during peak hours. This may lead to a shortage of available home chef within the community who have availability to take up the request. We understand your urgency and will be most happy to assist you with the status of your order and where necessary, expedite your order for a cooking service appointment should we hear from you through Whatsapp at 55778724.

    Please be advised that we will be available to hear from you any time between Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6pm.

  • img-desc.cooking faq 2Experienced Home Chef

    Who are the personal home chef? Any qualifications? Are they legal workers?

    Lazy maintains a vast network of domestic helpers. They know best how to do grocery shopping and cooking. Tired of having to prepare meals and dealing with dirty sink, greasy stove every day? Our cooking services are here to provide you with delicious, healthy home-cooked meals in the comfort of your home.

    Our professionals are assigned circumstantially. What you do want to know is that we always pick the best-suited individual for your assignment; Trust is important, and so is consistency. We encourage you to build fitting relationships with our professionals.

    We also encourage and promote our home chef to devote themselves to their preferred user. This is why we have included preference options to facilitate your selection of favourite professional on our mobile app. But no surprise, popular helpers are easily occupied, so make your booking in advance or in a fixed schedule. While your interest is registered, we will prioritise your request; We will let you have details about your assigned professional prior to your appointment.

  • img-desc.cooking faq 3Changing Helper

    Can I change the home chef?

    Yes, you can change your professional anytime. You can pick the home chef according to your preference, and select the one who suits you most

  • img-desc.cooking faq 4Secure Payment

    Is my credit card payment secured? How do I make a credit card payment for a cooking services?

    Payment is processed and protected by Third-Party payment companies (Braintree/PayPal), all the information of user is strictly confidential.

    The service fee will be charged in prior to the service and Lazy shall pay our helper after the cooking session.

    If the user cancel the service within 24 hours before the start of the session, the user will be charged for the full session of the service.

  • img-desc.cooking faq 5Preparations

    What kind of preparations should be aware prior to the reservation?

    Grocery buying usually takes up to 30-45 minutes of service time, and customers need to adjust the required service hours according to the actual situation before placing an order

    The homeowner should spare clutters, dirty clothes, rubbish, etc. to elsewhere for the convenience of the home chef to manage the kitchen. To avoid any possible thefts, all valuables like jewellery should be locked at the place in which cannot be accessed by the maid.

  • img-desc.cooking faq 6Insurance

    Who will pay to cover the 3rd party liability insurance of home helper or home cleaner?

    Lazy is a platform matching jobs for service providers. We like to keep our positions covered, as we do for yours. We have covered 3rd party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for all our cooking services

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