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Spring Cleaning Pricing

Pricing and service duration will vary dependent on the home size

$120 /Hr
less than400/
400 - 700/ft2



700 - 1000/ft2



1000 - 2000/ft2



more than 2000 /ft2



  • Pricing have included transportation fee, except remote areas. Additional Charge after 6px: +$20 per hour. Transportation fee might be charged for certain locations.Cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaner will not be provided.
  • We have covered third party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for our services. Cleaners reserve the right to reject to perform any cleaning tasks that they deem it's a life and health risk. Eg. cleaning of an object or area at a high location and requires climbing

The Lazy Advantage

Spring cleaning scope of work

  • Stains removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Cabinet wipe down
  • Stovetop wipe down
  • Washroom santization
  • Sink & faucet wipe down

common.Real Customer Reviews from Google for home cleaning

Ms Wong 03 July 2020

Always receive outstanding service at a fair price. Even on one occasion when something went wrong, the customer service team were quick to make things right.

Jennifer 12 July 2020

I've always had great experiences! Better than other platforms I have tried

Sherry 22 July 2020

On time, job done quickly, left no mess.

Jay 27 July 2020

Spotless and efficient work! Easy to communicate with.

Michelle k 03 August 2020

What an outstanding service! I was too busy to handle some of the tasks around my house. I have used Lazy several times now and could not be happier.

Smith 15 August 2020

Reliable and professional and efficient.

Celebrity Testimonial

Words from Hong Kong's Celebrity

Cleaner is really professional and attentive, there was minimal criticisms I could make.

Coffee Lam 林芊妤

The Service was safe, clean and dry. Four hours of service is enough for us. At least once a month, the cleaner sorts all the cleaning issues out.

Skye Chan 陳倩揚

After a trial of the service, I felt that cleaner was very professional, and all of them have ERB certificates, or more than 5 years of cleaning experience.

Venus Chow 周嘉義


Got some questions , get some quick answers here

How long does it take to find a local domestic helper to do home cleaning/housekeeping ?

Our network of home cleaners cover Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Our users can request services an hour before the date and time of the appointed service. Appointments made through our platform, takes on average one working day to match the proposed cleaning appointment with a suitable cleaner.

We may on occasion experience a surge appointment requests during peak hours. This may lead to a shortage of available domestic helpers within the community who have availability to take up the request. We understand your urgency and will be most happy to assist you with the status of your order and where necessary, expedite your order for a cleaning service appointment should we hear from you through Whatsapp at 55778724.

Please be advised that we will be available to hear from you any time between Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6pm.

Lazy maintains a vast network of experienced cleaners. They know best how to make homes welcoming. Our professionals are assigned circumstantially. What you do want to know is that we always pick the best-suited individual for your assignment; Trust is important, and so is consistency. We encourage you to build fitting relationships with our professionals.

We also encourage and promote our home helpers to devote themselves to their preferred user. This is why we have included preference options to facilitate your selection of favourite professional on our mobile app. But no surprise, popular helpers are easily occupied, so make your booking in advance or in a fixed schedule. While your interest is registered, we will prioritise your request; We will let you have details about your assigned professional prior to your appointment.

This is up to each user's preference. Some users give their key to the assistant. Others prefer to be at home during the service.

We like to keep our positions covered, as we do for yours. We have covered 3rd party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for all our home cleaning services

Yes, you can change your home cleaner anytime.

Payment is processed and protected by Third-Party payment companies (Braintree/PayPal), all the information of user is strictly confidential.

The service fee will be charged in prior to the service and Lazy shall pay our helper after the home cleaning session.

If the user cancel the service within 24 hours before the start of the session, the user will be charged for the full session of the service.

Our Home Services Providers

Enjoy a seamless screening process

Our house keeper was kind and able to work well with children. My son likes her very much. She was able to pick up my son from school, and she was accommodating when the timing arrangements needed to be changed. She is an expert and caring home helper.

Ms. Ng
4 years experience with ERB certificate

She can handle different cleanings and I can see that she is a domestic helper with many years of experience. Her long service with us has kept us in a good relationship. She meets our cleaning needs and enjoys her work.

Ms. Low
2 years experience with ERB certificate

This lady is very responsible person, she is careful, fast and efficient. Her conduct is safe and meets our requirements. This is very important for us office workers.

Ms. So
10 years experience with ERB certificate

A part time cleaner a day, takes all the home cleaning away.