During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lazy will continue to provide home cleaning booking services. However, precautionary measures will be taken. Cleaners are always required wear masks and maintain good personal hygiene.
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Why do we need pest control services?
Whether it's a newly built unit, a second-hand building, or an existing home, you will encounter some pest. These leads to problems such as mosquito bites; infestation, jumping lice, and ants. Pests not only cause trouble, but can also endanger health, requiring radical medical treatments.

Our pest control use only registered and controlled pest control agents and equipment to protect human life, animal safety and environmental protection.
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Pest Control Service

Check out what our pest control services include

Efficient Pest Control services

From $1000
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  • Applying cockroach bait to cabinets, drains and drainage holes

  • Promulgating of insecticide on water pipes, drains and drainage holes

  • Pressed steam spray to torch indoor spaces with atomized insecticides

  • Non biological agent, harmless to families and pets imported from Germany/Belgium/USA, all registered and certified

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Pest Control Agents

Brief introduction to our insecticide agents
Agriculture and Fisheries Department registration number: 2P24(EC)
Suitable for ultra-low volume misting and cold spraying
Demand CS
Agriculture and Fisheries Department registration number: 2P199(CS)
A water-based insecticidal concentrate that can effectively control pests indoors
United States
Agriculture and Fisheries Department registration number: 1P190(GE)
Used for indoor and outdoor control of ant intrusion structures and can effectively kill the queen ants

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  • img-desc.pc faq 1Service Scope

    What’s included in our pest control service ?

    Whether it is a newly built unit, a second-hand building, or an existing home, or an office that works for a long time every day, you occasionally encounter some pest problems: such as mosquito bites and insect bites; flooding, jumping lice, and ants. Insect pests not only cause trouble, but also endanger health, requiring radical treatment.

    Efficient pest control and prevention service scope includes:
    - Apply cockroach bait to cabinets, drains, drainage holes, etc.;
    - Spray insecticide on water pipes, drains and drainage holes;
    - Spray the indoor space with atomized medicine through hot mist;
    - After spraying and baking, it needs to be sealed for two hours.

    Registration number of main insecticide potion:
    - Resigen, Germany (H.K. Pesticide Registration No.:2P24(EC))
    - Demand CS, Belgium (H.K. Pesticides Registration No.: 2P199(CS))
    - Optigard, USA (H.K. Pesticide Registration No.: 1P190(GE))

  • img-desc.pc faq 2Experienced Pest control service providers

    Who are the professional? Any qualifications? Are they legal workers?

    Lazy maintains a vast network of pest control service providers. The air conditioning cleaning professionals and technicians on our platform are verified and reviewed on a professional level. Our pest control service supply uses the best quality pesticides from Germany, the United States, Belgium, South Korea and other places, which can effectively repel pests without leaving any irritating gas, which is harmless to family members and pets. The pest control specialists use technologies such as arm-type pest control, electric mist spraying, and placement of bait to formulate appropriate pest control plans based on the on-site environment, and achieve pest extinction in a safe environment

    Our professionals are assigned circumstantially. What you do want to know is that we always pick the best-suited individual for your assignment; Trust is important, and so is consistency. We encourage you to build fitting relationships with our professionals.

  • img-desc.pc faq 3Professional arrival

    Is the service time confirmed after I chose it online?

    Kindly note we will try our best to arrange service Pro for you according to the timeslot you chose online, however we might contact you to change the timeslot during peak season, we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused。

  • img-desc.pc faq 4Secure Payment

    Is my credit card payment secured? How do I make a credit card payment for a home cleaning services?

    Payment is processed and protected by Third-Party payment companies (Braintree/PayPal), all the information of user is strictly confidential.

    The service fee will be charged in prior to the service and Lazy shall pay our helper after the cooking session.

    If the user cancel the service within 24 hours before the start of the session, the user will be charged for the full session of the service.

  • img-desc.pc faq 5Duration and things you need to know prior to service

    What is the duration of the pest control service? Do I need to clean before the service?

    The duration of our pest control service is roughly around half an hour. The exact time depends on the type and complexity of the case, and it is difficult to generalize. If the home is cleaned daily, there is no need to arrange a deep cleaning beforehand, but if it is a new home or after renovation, it is recommended to perform a deep cleaning before the service, which can facilitate the work of the pest control service provider, and the effect is better

  • img-desc.pc faq 6Post-service care

    How long does it take to move in after finishing the extermination?

    Generally speaking, all insecticides are harmless to humans, and people can live immediately after the insecticide is completed. However, some pest control methods, such as the fogging of bed bugs and psyllids, require residents to temporarily leave for up to six hours. Therefore, the accurate time will be clearly stated by the master before the service.

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